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NordMedia conferences bring media scholars together

Radio Moreeni interviewed the organizers of the NordMedia 2017 conference. Read what Eliisa Vainikka (Finnish Association for Media and Communication Studies) and Ingela Wadbring (Nordicom: Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research) told about arranging this year’s conference.

Nordic committee in Tampere August 2016. From top left: Ragnhild Mølster, Ingela Wadbring, Lin Prøitz, Eliisa Vainikka From bottom left: Aske Kammer, Margareta Melin, Sinikka Torkkola, Anna Rantasila

During the three-day conference, the participants of NordMedia 2017 covered various topics around the theme Mediated Realities – Global Challenges.

According to Ingela Wadbring, finding a good theme for the conference was difficult because the NordMedia conference consists of multiple groups with different interests.

“We live in a world where we are facing huge problems that affect everyone. We wanted to have a theme that would somehow speak to media researchers”, Eliisa Vainikka explains.

Networking and sharing insights

Eliisa Vainikka believes that the fact that every paper has an opponent is an asset of NordMedia conferences. The opponent works as a spark for the conversation.

For Wadbring, the highlight of the conference is neither the sessions nor the speeches but meeting people from all the other countries. The NordMedia conference takes place in every second year and during the conference there are small gatherings going on in every corner.

Wadbring reminds us that, especially for young scholars who are at the beginning of their careers, conferences are good opportunity to get to know with people and make contacts.

NordMedia conferences, according to Vainikka, are a good way to get an insight into the state of media and communication research in the Nordic countries.

“The migration crisis and environmental issues, for example, are very popular at the moment and we can all understand why”, Vainikka says.

Arranging NordMedia 2017 was a process of two years. Already on Sunday when participants are heading back home, the team will start planning the next conference that will take place in August 2019.

Listen to the full interview on SoundCloud.

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